Last mile transportation and the environment

In most cases urban transportation operations can be performed about 20 % better than how they are currently managed. In practice that means a significant reduction in numbers of transportation vehicles in the streets and also a significant reduction in emissions.

Vehicles can be powered by electricity and can be of modern form, such as delivery eBikes. Modern transportation can take place with a combination of different types of vehicles. Trucks and vans can bring the goods to the outskirts of the city and eBikes can take care of them from there. Modern means of transportation planning is able to support this type of multi-modal transportation.

Mobile workforce, such as home care and service work at customer addresses, requires similar planning for schedule and routes as transportation planning and can utilize the same tools.

Modern Transportation Planning

NFleet takes the lists of your vehicles and tasks, and combines them into an efficient loading and transportation plan for all vehicles simultaneously — just in minutes.

Finally an optimization service that understands your planning constraints. Available on a reasonable monthly subscription.

Transportation Companies, Mobile Workforce, Public Sector

Interested in improving the load factor of your vehicles, or completing your daily transportation or mobile work tasks with fever total driven kilometers or smaller fleet? Planning faster in rapidly changing conditions? Our customers use NFleet, for example, to plan and manage their daily operations, to perform offer calculations, and to compare strategic fleet options. The service supports planning the transportation of goods, materials, and people, among others. Also including the scheduling and routing of mobile work tasks.

TMS/ERP Providers

Would you like to enable your customers to plan more efficiently without laborious implementation of optimization algorithms? We offer a developer-friendly, RESTful optimization API, and are happy to work with you to include optimization capabilities to your system. We have options for different phases of integration, and can also offer support for agile prototyping.


Have a great idea for product or service for transportation or travel? Allow NFleet to power your service with easy planning and scheduling functionality. You can get started with minimal effort using our open source SDKs. Contact us to request a key, and try the API.

Logistics Consultants

Want to help local companies improve their processes and planning? Have your existing clients or new prospects requested optimization functionality? Take the opportunity to evaluate whether we could provide value to you and your clients.

Academics and Teachers

Interested in including modern planning tools to the logistics curriculum of your school? Interested in using NFleet for research purposes? Let us know and we’ll get your started in educating the next generation of transportation planners.